Who is an e-commerce assistant merchandiser?

Definition, duties and responsibilities

An e-commerce assistant merchandiser (EAM) is a worker who is responsible for the high-quality presentation of a company’s products across its online channels. The primary responsibilities of an e-commerce assistant merchandiser are:

  • Product listing and oversight. An EAM must ensure that each product presented online has detailed and appealing descriptions, high-quality pictures and videos, an adequate price, are properly grouped, and linked to other products that can complement it.
  • Analyse product performance and research the market. An EAM needs to be knowledgeable about the industry, including customer needs, and be able to react quickly to any changes. So, it’s their responsibility to remove underperforming products and look for new ones instead.

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It makes sense to hire an e-commerce assistant merchandiser if your product range is overly broad or too fast-changing for your company’s human resources.

Depending on the workload, the duties of an e-commerce assistant merchandiser can be expanded to include:

  • Overall website maintenance. So, besides the products, they can be tasked with keeping all the information on your online channels up to date.
  • Digital marketing management. By fully understanding the products’ benefits, they can highlight them in various online campaigns.
  • Stock management, including product purchasing. Since they are familiar with the sales performance of each product, they can forecast when each one should be procured to prevent an “out of stock” situation.

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The responsibilities that companies delegate to their e-commerce assistant merchandisers, in %

Qualities and skills of a competent e-commerce assistant merchandiser

The position of an e-commerce assistant merchandiser is not for everyone. To find someone who will be good at it, you should look for the following qualities and skills:

  • Attention to detail. This is a crucial requirement for anyone who is going to work with texts, pictures and other types of online content. Any typo can hurt your level of professionalism in the eyes of your customers. It’s important to know that attention to detail is something that can be slowly improved over time, and it’s better to have someone who pays attention to detail from the start.
  • Analytical thinking. A person who wants to be an EAM must be able to analyse information from different sources to assess each product’s performance or even market trends. If not, your business will miss out on many favourable opportunities. A candidate for this position should have advanced skills in MS Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Creativity. To make your products stand out from the competition, you need to be able to promote them in a unique way. This is where creative thinking plays an important role. Thinking outside the box, generating ideas and testing them are the things that any good EAM should do very well.
  • Strong communication skills. To implement certain marketing ideas, an e-commerce assistant merchandiser needs to involve other people. That’s why an EAM needs to know how to communicate their vision to others as clearly as possible. Otherwise, a lot of time will be lost due to miscommunication.
  • Market knowledge. To present products in the best possible way, anyone who wants to do this has to know how their customers think and what is important to them. It’s very lucky and a huge advantage if a business can find someone for the position of EAM who is a fan of their products. If not, be prepared to invest some time to teach a newcomer about your industry.

As you can see, an e-commerce assistant merchandiser is someone who can directly have an impact on your business revenue. And you should seriously consider hiring one in your business if your product range is broad or fast-changing.

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