Save Your Time for the Most Critical Tasks.

There are many tasks within your e-commerce business that you can delegate to someone else so you can
become more focused and efficient. But there are three common areas where we can be of most help to you:

E-commerce Support

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but there are many small sneaky tasks lurking around you right now. And they all steal a lot of your time every working day. We’re talking about tasks such as product listing/ management, social media maintenance, eBay/Amazon pages management, task management, data collection, stock monitoring/ management, etc. The good news is our epracer can protect you from them and be the e-commerce assistant your business needs.

Customer Support

It may surprise you, but there are perhaps only 5% of unique situations involving your customers where your attention is required. The rest is lead qualification, answering typical questions, order processing, after-sales feedback, handling reclamations, etc. In other words, tasks our epracers can handle with ease. So why spend your valuable time on it?

Digital Marketing Support

Only you can create your digital marketing strategy, which can involve various channels such as content writing, blog posts promotion, social media ads, PPC campaigns and so on. But you don’t have to spend tons of your time managing and controlling the quality and efficiency of those channels. Your epracer can do that for you. All you will need to do is check the effectiveness of your marketing channels from time to time and reallocate your resources accordingly.

After a FREE preliminary call, you will know:

1. Should you delegate some of your tasks?
 2. Which of them should you delegate first?
3. To whom can you delegate the tasks?
4. How much time will you save after delegation?

make your step towards your business freedom

We can’t simply drop our execution star into your
territory and expect them to shine brightly there.

That’s like leaving a sports car in a grassy field and expecting it to reach its maximum speed. It won’t. Providing you with top
talent is only part of our job. Another, no less important part is to build a proper framework for them. Our goal is to save your
time, not waste it so that once everything is in place, you can relax and watch the magic happen.

In short, if our initial call indicates that we can be of assistance to you, the
remaining steps will be as follows:

We will capture all the important details about the task you want to delegate to our epracer, including its core elements, connections between them, people involved in the process, expected outcomes of the task, etc.

Once we understand your task’s requirements, we will dive deep into our talent database and find the epracer who can successfully fulfil them. You will be able to interview a candidate and decide if you see them as a member of your team.

You will not only be hiring one epracer, but as a bonus, you will also have a powerful team behind them that will help keep your collaboration running as smoothly as possible. That’s why we design an onboarding process that helps the epracer absorb all the important information about the task in order to complete it in the shortest possible time.

Any process involving more than one person evolves and changes over time. Once an epracer becomes part of your team, it is our job to make sure that your collaboration moves in the right direction and brings joy and success to both of you. As long as you and the epracer are working together, we will periodically seek your feedback and intervene in the process if there is room for improvement.

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We like to explore the role of human resources in e-commerce and share our observations with the world. You can find our latest information about the topic.

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